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Linda LaMori
Born in United States
47 years
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Linda's favorite quote: If you're going though hell, keep on going.

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Linda who was born on October 9, 1960 and passed away on June 21, 2008.  She will live forever in our memories and hearts.


This is your opportunity to share stories, memories, pictures and videos in honor of Linda. I wanted thank each and everyone of Linda's friends and surrogate family for expressing their condolonces and more importantly for being there when she needed you the most. She was truly blessed.


Latest Memories
Alex Romero

I can't believe its been a year since Linda left us. Even though I only met Linda several times, she always was very giving of her time and energy. My fondest memory of Linda was when Ben and I went out to California for spring break. It was my first time visiting the west coast and I was very excited. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction and was sick my first couple of days out there. But rather than let me feel bad about the situation Linda would offer all kinds of assistance and would crack jokes, especially at Ben's expense, to help keep my spirits up. Luckily, I felt better and would really enjoy my first time out in LA. It was really thanks to Linda"s help and guidance that it was such a fun experience.

Linda will always be missed. May god bless her.





Ben Stern

Again, for all of you that expressed your condolences, I thank you.  As time goes by, our memories are all we have of loved ones who have passed. As hard as this memorial site was to generate given the timing, it was my way of honoring Linda.  Anyone that knows Linda can appreciate that she was the picture and video queen. A big part of her life involved taking endless pictures and videos of the family and sharing it with everyone.


Linda's dedication and committment to creating memories we could all share,

was a trait I always admired in her.  This was especially thoughtful during the time our Dad passed away back in 1999.  Linda compiled audio tapes and created Calendars utilizing pictures of the family.  What a great gift since the memories of our Dad and our family will always be with us to cherish. I remember how strong she was during this time.  It was an inspiration to me then and now.


Being the youngest in the family, I wish I could express how hard it is to lose Linda.  Not only was she my sister, but a mentor as well as a friend.  Linda and I shared so much growing up together in NY.  I am fortunate to say that most of my childhood and teen years in NY were spent with Linda before she moved away to California.  That being said, I wanted to share a few memorable times that affected the rest of my life.


Growing up, I followed in Linda's footsteps, first by working in a Department store she used to work for named STERN's Dept. store.  Thankfully, everyone knew and loved Linda so I was in the club. I had a blast working there and it was mostly due to the fact that Linda's bosses and friends still worked there and had a great respect and admiration for her.


Shortly after, Linda landed a job in the city with Sandra Carter across the street from Lincoln Center.  I worked as an office assistant and had a great time working with Linda.  We spent so much time together since we would ride the subway home everyday from the city.  We were very close. 


In 1985, Linda took me on an all expense paid vacation to Orlando, where I live now.  We had so much fun.  This was my first trip and experience visiting Disney and Epcot.  Obviously the first of hundreds of times Linda would spend at the parks.  I cannot tell you how much of an influence Linda has had on me over the years and for that I am eternally grateful.  The one funny thing that comes to mind was our first ride on Spaceship Earth in Epcot.  We got into the little pod that took us thru the ride. On the way down a steep grade towards the end of the ride,  Linda leaned back and someone had left chewing gum in the pod by her head.  We tried to get out of the car and unfortunately Linda's head would not move.  Her head was stuck to the pod and we spent the rest of the night cutting gum out of her head.  She had a great sense of humor, even back then  We laughed about it for years.


That night, we went to a restaurant and had burgers and fries.  Linda went to open a ketchup package and the package exploded and a fine stream shot 8 feet across to the table next to us, landing on a guy's white shirt.  Fortunately he had a sense of humor too.  It was the funniest thing I think I had ever seen, especially coming from Linda.  It was all in good fun.


Fast forward twenty years. Despite the physical distance between us, I am so glad that my job afforded me the opportunity to come visit california often.  In the course of the last few years, I can say without regret that I have priceless and precious memories of Linda, and the family. 


Since there are so many memories to talk about, I would just like to say that Linda was the sweetest, kindest most beautiful person on the planet.  Her endless dedication to family and friends was evident.  As my brother mentioned in a previous memory, while he was in the hospital just a few short weeks ago having surgery for Colon cancer, Linda focused on helping him by offering information and resources from all of her experiences.  She was extremely knowledgeable and smart as a whip as we all know.  When I talked to her after Marc's surgery and told her that Marc was free of cancer, she cried for joy and was so happy to hear that he was ok.  Her strength was amazing.  She was a fighter and in a pracitcal sense, she taught everyone of us to do our best to stay healthy.  I learned from her illness and will never forget.


In the end, I grieve with such a sense of loss.  I am the youngest in the family and didn't get to spend the time that others had with her.  However, I am

thankful for the memories I do have of Linda now and forever.  She will be in my heart for an eternity and I will never forget how special she was to all of us and how much of an impact she had on our lives.  God rest her soul and peace to our family.  I love you Linda and you will be missed beyond what words can say.

There are so many memories to share here, but I picked out the ones that stood out in my mind first.
I have such fond memories of Linda and I going flying after I got my private pilot license. She never had any fear and I know she trusted her big brother to get her home safely every time. She commented that there was an inner peace that occurred anytime we were looking at the world from above.
The day Linda got married, I was gleaming with pride. Meeting all her friends and Paul’s family that were there was amazing. I thought to myself, what a great match and that I could only hope to have the same happiness. Then of course in later years her wonderful family that she managed along with a hundred other things.
I still hear the words “I never thought he’d do it”. Linda and family travel to Florida for my wedding. Her presence there was my best gift ever. Despite her illness she got to see her big brother happy. Her wonderful video she made for Penny and I still to this day is cherished.
My most touching and amazing tribute to my wonderful sister is when I was told I had to have surgery for colon cancer. Imagine her consoling me and sending me vitamins and worrying all the time I was in the hospital .She put me in touch with those people that helped her also.
Always putting someone else’s problems ahead of hers...That was Linda...
I know her work is not done...Her presence will always be felt.

Here are some of Linda's professional credentials including Woman Of The World,

among other things.....

Lillian Durkel





In my life, I have written many poems,

for people I love in distant homes

Those rhythms and rhymes ‘bout family

have given me peace, have set me free

They’ve kept me calm, in times of woe

they’ve helped me learn, that love does grow

For being apart does not mean departure

from caring, sharing, that you can be sure

You see, the one’s you love are never too far

they are the brilliant lights, from the furthest stars

So, if for a moment to feel saddened by miles

remember, look to the sky for it’s smiles

Just positively know, that the love you share

Is the love, that you’ll find everywhere

Time cannot erase this energy

it travels farther than the eyes can see

It brings you so close to the loved one’s heart

As though you were there, and never apart







Latest Condolences
Stefanie Hertz Friend May 19, 2010
I found your Memorial site today as I was searching Linda's maiden name.  I think of her often, and the wonderful memories of our chats regarding our girls who were friends when we lived in Santa Monica and about Girl Scouts! I will always honor Linda in any opportunity that is presented.  Our community is holding a Relay for Life on June 5-6.  Megan (my daughter) and I are dedicating a Luminary for the lighting ceremony in memory of Linda. (Hence, why I wanted her maiden name too)  Linda had so many wonderful qualities but I will always think of her as a giver and that quality was ever so present when she reached out to a friend of mine who was fighting Leukemia. I, as well as her family, was so touched by this authentic concern of Linda's - even when she was battling privately herself.  I wanted to you to know that Linda is remembered with very fond memories and love. 
tommy walden friend July 7, 2008

As I scrolled through the pictures of Linda and her beautiful family, one thing kept jumping out at me- her smile. In that smile I could see many things, how happy a person she was, how much she loved her family. Her family, I could see, meant everything to her. How lucky you all must feel to have had her. Marc, please know how lucky I feel to be able to fly with you and call you my friend. Ben, although I have only had the pleasure of meeting you once, and it was indeed a pleasure, I feel I have known you much longer. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


Rhonda Kinosian Friend June 30, 2008

To the entire Stern-LaMori Family,


Linda blessed us all with a special gift of getting to know one another more and more each day.  She loved knowing that her friends and family were bonding in a special way because of our mutual love and admiration for her.  An inspiration to all of us, Linda will forever be in our hearts every day, as she taught us all lessons we'll treasure.  Caring, sharing, staying in touch, emailing, ichatting...she mastered all forms of communication to keep in contact with her loved ones.  Always wanting to give of herself to help others with her enthusiastic advice-giving techniques, she always had plenty of knowledge to offer.  I'll always cherish the special time we were able to share in Orange County in February '08.  One of her favorite daily experiences was receiving massage therapy at the clinic.  Watching her face light up after a massage was a delight to see.  I'm sure she's discussing all the wonderful virtues of Heavenly Massages to all her Angel Friends right now! 

May we all feel the love of Linda every day and remain close in touch, as she would have wanted us to remain in her special circle of friendship. 

May God Bless You Always,

Rhonda Kinosian

Studio City, CA

(friend of Linda from Kandoo Films)

Greg McCabe Friend June 26, 2008

Ben and Stern Family:


I did not know Linda personally, but what I do know was that she was deeply loved by all who did have the privilege to know her. This was clearly evident through Ben; every time he spoke of her he demonstrated his deep care, love and concern for Linda. Through Ben I know Linda was a person of highest regard, and I know she will be missed. May God be with you during this loss. She will be missed.


Greg McCabe and Family (friends at Airtran)


Rafy Arroyo Captain June 26, 2008

Ben, Mark and the Stern Family,


I admire how close of a family you all are, allways there for each other.  Keep it that way, so when the trials come they won't seam half as bad and all the good times will be priceless.


Rafy Arroyo

(friend and fellow pilot)

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