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Linda LaMori
Born in United States
47 years
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Stefanie Hertz Friend May 19, 2010
I found your Memorial site today as I was searching Linda's maiden name.  I think of her often, and the wonderful memories of our chats regarding our girls who were friends when we lived in Santa Monica and about Girl Scouts! I will always honor Linda in any opportunity that is presented.  Our community is holding a Relay for Life on June 5-6.  Megan (my daughter) and I are dedicating a Luminary for the lighting ceremony in memory of Linda. (Hence, why I wanted her maiden name too)  Linda had so many wonderful qualities but I will always think of her as a giver and that quality was ever so present when she reached out to a friend of mine who was fighting Leukemia. I, as well as her family, was so touched by this authentic concern of Linda's - even when she was battling privately herself.  I wanted to you to know that Linda is remembered with very fond memories and love. 
tommy walden friend July 7, 2008

As I scrolled through the pictures of Linda and her beautiful family, one thing kept jumping out at me- her smile. In that smile I could see many things, how happy a person she was, how much she loved her family. Her family, I could see, meant everything to her. How lucky you all must feel to have had her. Marc, please know how lucky I feel to be able to fly with you and call you my friend. Ben, although I have only had the pleasure of meeting you once, and it was indeed a pleasure, I feel I have known you much longer. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


Rhonda Kinosian Friend June 30, 2008

To the entire Stern-LaMori Family,


Linda blessed us all with a special gift of getting to know one another more and more each day.  She loved knowing that her friends and family were bonding in a special way because of our mutual love and admiration for her.  An inspiration to all of us, Linda will forever be in our hearts every day, as she taught us all lessons we'll treasure.  Caring, sharing, staying in touch, emailing, ichatting...she mastered all forms of communication to keep in contact with her loved ones.  Always wanting to give of herself to help others with her enthusiastic advice-giving techniques, she always had plenty of knowledge to offer.  I'll always cherish the special time we were able to share in Orange County in February '08.  One of her favorite daily experiences was receiving massage therapy at the clinic.  Watching her face light up after a massage was a delight to see.  I'm sure she's discussing all the wonderful virtues of Heavenly Massages to all her Angel Friends right now! 

May we all feel the love of Linda every day and remain close in touch, as she would have wanted us to remain in her special circle of friendship. 

May God Bless You Always,

Rhonda Kinosian

Studio City, CA

(friend of Linda from Kandoo Films)

Greg McCabe Friend June 26, 2008

Ben and Stern Family:


I did not know Linda personally, but what I do know was that she was deeply loved by all who did have the privilege to know her. This was clearly evident through Ben; every time he spoke of her he demonstrated his deep care, love and concern for Linda. Through Ben I know Linda was a person of highest regard, and I know she will be missed. May God be with you during this loss. She will be missed.


Greg McCabe and Family (friends at Airtran)


Rafy Arroyo Captain June 26, 2008

Ben, Mark and the Stern Family,


I admire how close of a family you all are, allways there for each other.  Keep it that way, so when the trials come they won't seam half as bad and all the good times will be priceless.


Rafy Arroyo

(friend and fellow pilot)

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